Saturday, November 1, 2008


(Image courtesy Alice)

Get converted to pain
Why should I always give
Without any gain?

Why me? remains the question 
Always again
Why can't life be
Simple and plain

The more I think
The more I get crazy
The pain remains active
And more I get lazy

Will somebody come
To rescue me from here?
Will somebody anticipate
And make the things clear?

Expectations never stop
hope never retire
We keep on blowing
Bubbles of desire

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur


(Image courtesy Ping)

It takes very few words,
To get connected 
To a person miles away from you

You are what you project
You are just words

You start opening up
All the hidden things
You start telling things,
Unspoken to anybody till now

You draw your own picture,
On the receiver's mind.
This is pleasure
And this makes us invest time
On such a person
Whom we may never meet 
In this life